The Aims of IUSGC 2016

The Conference aims are to:

  • Tackle current social, political and economic issues in the context of present graduate research studies;
  • Encourage the exchange of views, experiences and findings among graduate students from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad;
  • Review and identify research topics and knowledge related to graduate studies and students’ interests;
  • Promote interdisciplinary presentations from different academic areas that will bring new perspectives across various fields of study;  
  • Address recent social and scientific issues with an emphasis on research originality;
  • Give an opportunity to graduate students to present their research and findings, with a possibility of their promotion and application;
  • Encourage graduate students to share their researches and exchange ideas with their peers;
  • Foster graduate studies as the first step towards research and development of knowledge-based society;
  • Offer a platform for young researchers and graduate students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Balkans and the world for networking and establishing contacts for future collaboration.